Biotech, Pharma, and Insurance

At Harper Rollins, we understand two key areas: the requirements of our clients and the needs of the consumer.

Our focus is on delivering valuable and quality results to the client.

Jeff and Jake’s experience in the bleeding disorder community and the clotting products industry, combined with many decades of business experience in specialty pharmacy, laboratory testing, biological products and pharma, greatly assist in achieving the highest quality of desired results.

Harper Rollins staff will work closely with a client’s team to develop programs tailored to achieve the intended results. The process includes a program plan, formulation of a strategy, and arranging all aspects of the program.

One of the key areas of a successful program is having qualified consumers participate. Harper Rollins’s ever growing database of consumers with specific characteristics allows for key consumers to be invited to each program.

The Harper Rollins Advisory Boards, Retreat Groups, and Online Dialog Programs consist of enthusiast clotting product consumers that are carefully selected to ensure the highest level of participation for our client’s needs.

Consumer Focused Marketing

With a rapidly growing and ever-changing specialty drug market, competition is fierce. To successfully compete, your marketing funds must be spent wisely.

What separates Harper Rollins from others is our specialized consumer-focused marketing that pin points your niche consumer. This type of marketing approach is more cost effective for our clients. It is also more beneficial to the consumer because it allows them to focus on learning about products that are more directed toward their specific needs.

We understand that consumers have more options than ever and that it can be overwhelming at times to decide which option is best. It’s been our experience that consumers want to attend events that are focused more toward their specific needs. Our job at Harper Rollins is to help consumers find the right product for their specific needs in a fun and exciting way. Harper Rollins is about providing the highest level of results through Strategic Marketing and Communication Services .

Consumer Retreats

Educational or Marketing in scope, we can target your consumer base and arrange for a predetermined number of active consumers to travel and enjoy a day, weekend or multiple days engaged in scheduled, managed programs that include productive and fun activities. We at Harper Rollins know the community and what attracts different generations on a local, regional, or national platform.

Consumer Advisory Boards

We can manage the entire process or assist a client’s corporate staff in the concept, implementation, and execution of a program. This includes the selection of the attendees, travel arrangements, and all other aspects based on client specific qualifications.

Having Harper Rollins involved in the process will greatly improve the results required by our client. We know the language and understand the nuances of consumers, what they are actually saying, and how to get them engaged in discussion.

Marketing Intelligence & Research

We design and implement questionaire and surveys to gather marketing and sales information from consumers. We conduct the surveys with a predetermined number of bleeding disorder community members for specific client objectives. We will conduct consumer surveys by phone, through Skype, or in person.

Payor Based Programs

For the payor or insurance company, pharmacy benefits manager or specialty pharmacy, we can design and implement programs for effective patient-based health care management utilizing our understanding and experience in the hemophilia clotting products realm. With our insight and personal hands-on experience, we understand patient habits and trends regarding how clotting factor is ordered, stored and used.

Harper Rollins has a direct insight into where the abuse and waste may occur and has many ideas for cost savings. Effective management of inventory and infusion training based programs directly benefit the patient and the insurance company.